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"Why are you practicing chiropractic care in Mangum, Oklahoma"? Is a question that patients often ask when they come to The Locklear Clinic of Chiropractic located in this small town of less than 3,000. It was also a concern of James Tomasi, author of "What Time Tuesday?" and speaker at the 2006 TLC Health and Wellness Expo. Tomasi and his wife, Rhonda, have dedicated their lives to promote awareness of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and help people locate chiropractors who are trained in this type of care. James and Rhonda know that Dr. Ben Locklear is among only 2,000 chiropractors world-wide that practice an upper cervical technique. They have told Dr. Ben that every time they visit with him, they will encourage him to go to Amarillo, TX to practice chiropractic care. When Tomasi was in Oklahoma in March of 2006 for the Health and Wellness Expo, Dr. Ben took Tomasi around the area to help him meet and learn about the people he would be speaking to on that Saturday. Dr. Ben made sure he took him to Granite, another small town with a population of less than 2,000, where he and his wife, Karen, attended school and church. They went to Lake Creek community where Dr. Ben grew up on a farm. They visited Karen's parents' farm in Brinkman where she was raised. James asked, "Where are the people?" When addressing the attendees at the expo Tomasi listed the cities he had on his speaking agenda, Little Rock, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and Mangum. How does Mangum fit into this list? Tomasi told the group that when he asked Dr. Ben questions like "Where are the people? Why are you in Mangum?" Dr. Ben just smiled and said, "I see people that need this care every day. This is home. People don't mind traveling when they can find the help they need."

When you enter The Locklear Chiropractic Clinic in Mangum, Oklahoma you will notice a large US map on the wall. The map has many multi-colored pins representing the towns and cities patients are coming from to receive care at TLC. Recently, Kyle, a little two year old visiting the office asked his mother what are all those "sprinkles"? The TLC team hopes someday that there are "sprinkles" covering every state on that map. Currently the southwest corner of Oklahoma is very covered and you will see pins in New York, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, and other states as well. Dr. Ben and Karen are happy to see patients come from many different places, but the greatest pleasure comes from helping family and others who have played a special part in their lives, receive the benefit of Upper Cervical Care, nutrition testing, lifestyle education, and other holistic health and wellness services.

In 2002 with graduation approaching, the Locklear family was anticipating the changes that were soon to come. The long time spent in school would be over and they would decide where to practice. They knew that Dr. Ben would be caring for his patients using the Blair technique, named after William G. Blair of Lubbock, the developer of the technique. They needed to decide if they would stay in the Kansas City area or return to Oklahoma. One night while visiting Karen's parents, the decision was made to come home. Ben and Karen realized they could always visit Kansas City, but Greer County was home.

Health and wellness is a dream for so many, but they often don't know where to turn for help. Dr. Locklear knew the benefits of chiropractic and especially the benefits of the Blair Care and was excited to offer this avenue to help others. Dr. Ben and Karen had overcome the difficulties of allergies and asthma. They have overcome their struggles with overweight and other health problems that are common. Dr. Ben and Karen realize from experience that you can't do what you don't know. If you know better, you can do better. For many years they have spent much time taking workshops and classes to learn better how to care for their bodies. Through continued learning and application they have regained their health and vitality. Combined they have shed over 120 pounds. Dr. Ben and Karen know that people can be healthy at any age and are very well equipped to help others do likewise. They see people gain back health through practice of the holistic methods. They feel that if a person has three things in place they can expect health. These three things are maintaining proper alignment, removing of toxins, and nourishing the body. A person must be willing to make changes or corrections in the three areas physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If they are missing one of these pieces of the puzzle they become imbalanced and their health can decline. Thankfully, one can regain their health by making the need changes and the Locklears are doing just that. Recently a patient, who had returned to the classroom after retiring from teaching, came to the office for a visit. She was excited to report, for the past two years, she was not getting sick even with all those around her sick. When asked what made the difference, she said it was from being in upper cervical alignment, nutritional support, and allowing the body to be healthy. "We have learned that health and wellness is a gift, and we must do our part to take care of this gift" states Dr. Ben. "Having abundant health and being well can be enjoyed by everyone. It is not just a hope and a dream. This is what TLC for Life is all about. We want to provide education, services, and products that help people claim their gift of Health and Wellness.

Please note: All photos in either the video, slide show, or on the web site itself are raw footage. They have not been altered in any way to change their appearance. These are typical results for those who complete the HCG Weightloss System

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