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Acid Reflux

For ten to fifteen years I have been suffering from a burning pain that runs down my right leg. I would call it a severe sciatic nerve pain that burns like fire. The pain was so extreme at times that I gave in and took a prescription to relax the muscles. I do not like to take medication so this was only out of desperation two times. I also suffer from low back pain as well. I would get relief through chiropractic care. It helped for a short term. I would be able to function but never received complete relief. I have been under Dr. Ben's care for a year now. I have noticed less low back pain. The constant burning down my right leg is relieved. When it flares up it is less severe.It doesn't fare up as often. At times the burning that I was living with is completely gone. I have noticed something additional as well. It seemed odd at first. My acid reflux that would wake me up at night is gone. I feel that the Upper Cervical Care I've received has helped my entire body. I haven't taken Nexium in three months. That's a savings of over $100 per month. This care is less invasive. It allows the body to make changes without all the cracking and popping. My total health is much improved because of this type of care. I am able to do more of the things I enjoy. This includes riding my bike up to eight or nine miles a night. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ben and the Upper Cervical Care he provides, and I do all the time. I would encourage people to use this care before they get down. When you wait until you can't function, it is hard to make the changes that will help the most.

Butch White
Mangum, OK

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