Our family looked into upper cervical care in the year 2000. Our daughter, Hannah, was suffering with migraine headaches and a vision problem that resulted in rather severe dyslexia symptoms. Her headaches were so painful that we had to resort to sedating her to let her sleep them off.

She received treatments from a traditional chiropractor for over two years, but these treatments only relieved the pain a few days each time. They never did help where her vision and reading were concerned. It was this chiropractor that discovered that Hannah saw as though she were cross-eyed, even though she looked perfectly normal.

We also took her to an eye doctor who prescribed glasses and computer eye therapy.The eye therapy was supposed to help with eye strain, head aches and dyslexia symptoms. However, as with the traditional chiropractor, we could not see any lasting results or relief.

We took her to upper cervical specialist, Dr. Wayne Clark in OKC in November, 2000. Her migraines disappeared immediately. Within a few weeks, all of her dyslexia symptoms disappeared. By January, 2001, she was easily reading on her own and from January to May, 2001, she progressed five reading levels.

Since then, she has become an avid reader, a seamstress and is taking piano lessons and making great progress in all areas of her education. Best of all, her upper cervical adjustments usually last several months and she has never had another migraine headache!

We started seeing Dr. Ben Locklear at Mangum, in January, 2004. We found him on the upper cervical web site. This is a blessing to us, as he is only 70 miles from our home and we were traveling 160 miles to see Dr. Clark in OKC. The folks at Dr. Ben's office are friendly and helpful. They seem to truly want their patients to understand the upper cervical process and they want them to get better.

We highly recommend upper cervical and believe it to be much more effective than traditional chiropractic or traditional medicine, especially where back and head pain are concerned.

Ladonna Beals  
Roll, OK


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