Upper Cervical Care

A Brief Explanation of Upper Cervical Care

The brain, like a powerful computer system, controls and monitors all bodily functions. Messages from the brain move in a vast network of connections--our nervous system--which allows the brain to communicate with even the most remote part of the body. The brain stem is the control center that extends from the brain down through an opening in the base of your skull. Every nerve impulse between the brain and the body must pass through the brain stem. The top two vertebrae, the Atlas and Axis, are vulnerable to injury or misalignment because they are the most mobile segments of the spine. Misalignment here can produce nerve irritation to the brain stem which, in turn, can affect nearly all vital functions and systems in the body.

Upper Cervical Care is the scientifically-proven technique and art of maintaining proper alignment of the Atlas and Axis (C-1 and C-2) so that the brain can effectively communicate with the body.

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