Extreme Pain

For ten to fifteen years I have been suffering from a burning pain that runs down my right leg. I would call it a severe sciatic nerve pain that burns like fire. The pain was so extreme at times that I gave in and took a prescription to relax the muscles. I do not like to take medication so this was only out of desperation two times. I also suffer from low back pain as well. I would get relief through chiropractic care. It helped for a short term. I would be able to function but never received complete relief. I have been under Dr. Ben's care for a year now. I have noticed less low back pain. The constant burning down my right leg is relieved. When it flares up it is less severe.It doesn't fare up as often. At times the burning that I was living with is completely gone. I have noticed something additional as well. It seemed odd at first. My acid reflux that would wake me up at night is gone. I feel that the Upper Cervical Care I've received has helped my entire body. I haven't taken Nexium in three months. That's a savings of over $100 per month. This care is less invasive. It allows the body to make changes without all the cracking and popping. My total health is much improved because of this type of care. I am able to do more of the things I enjoy. This includes riding my bike up to eight or nine miles a night. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ben and the Upper Cervical Care he provides, and I do all the time. I would encourage people to use this care before they get down. When you wait until you can't function, it is hard to make the changes that will help the most.

Butch White
Mangum, OK

I took something for pain when necessary, and rubbed ointment on my neck and shoulders to try to relieve the pain and stiffness. I have used chiropractic care for many years and for all sorts of physical ailments.

Dr. Ben uses a different type of adjustments and treatment. I feel like I benefit a lot each time I receive an adjustment. My posture has improved dramatically.

I heartily recommend Dr. Ben and his staff to anyone that needs their health improved!

Pauline Austin

I was having extreme back and neck pain when I sought Chiropractic care. Before becoming a patient of Dr. Ben, I did see Dr. Carver as needed. The difference that I have noticed is with traditional Chiropractic care, I would be right back in pain in the same area after just a short period of time. With Upper Cervical care I feel more comfortable on a daily basis.I was out of adjustment when I first saw Dr. Ben. Initially, after the first adjustment I was sore for a couple of weeks. After that I have felt great. The biggest thing I notice is that I can tell when I am out of alignment. With his recommended treatments of regular visits I feel overall better than I have in a long time. I would also like to say he has helped some of my patients who were dealing with facial pain and headaches. As far as I know these symptoms have been eliminated. I will continue to seek his care and refer to him.

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Dustin Lively
Mangum, OK

I was experiencing headaches, neck pain, abdominal pain, hip pain and tingling in my fingers. I had a baby this year and my muscle tone was not like normal.

I was taking medicine prescribed by my family doctor. The doctor was baffled as to why I was hurting, and what was causing the pain. My doctor referred me to Dr. Ben.

I had never been to a chiropractor before. I never thought I needed to go. I didn't even really know what a chiropractor did, but I'm glad I do now.

I feel much better. My body actually doesn't feel crooked and my abdominal pain has stopped after 7 months. I also have more muscle tone and control. This makes life so much better. It's awesome!

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ben to others. He and his staff are so friendly and make you feel at home.

I thank God he has led me to Dr. Ben.

T. Bernal
Mangum, OK

I was having problems with my leg and back due to a fall at the lake when I was a young teenager, experiencing leg aches and a jabbing feeling in my back. I had gone to Dr. Carver off and on during the twenty-three years he was practicing in Mangum, receiving mainly manipulations and general adjustments.

I have been to three chiropractors in my life:Dr. Heinze, Dr. Carver, and now Dr. Ben. Upper cervical care is totally different in that Dr. Ben did x-rays of the head and neck, and the revealed just how much I was in need of his services. I also like the trip table he uses.

I stay in adjustment as each treatment helps to build on each visit. I feel better and stronger, and look forward to the next appointment.

When I'm visiting with others, I tell them if they have problems to try Dr. Ben. You'll be glad you did.

Rita Wilson
Granite, OK

Around the first of March 2003, my left "ring" finger began swelling and had a slight tingly feeling. The pain became worse and spread to my left "pinky" finger, palm and then started up my left arm.

I had been scheduled for an MRItest by a Neurologist, who later cancelled my appointment for an unknown reason. By this time I was in so much pain, I was eating 800 mg of Motrin like it was candy, trying to find some relief. That next morning, I decided that I was either going to the Emergency Room or to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor that I had heard about located in Oklahoma City, OK. I have never been under Chiropractic care before. After the first visit, I had immediate relief. I then realized there was something different about this type of adjustment and Chiropractic Care.

I found out through a friend that there was an Upper Cervical Chiropractor located in Mangum, OK. I was tired of driving back and forth to Oklahoma City, so I made an appointment with Dr. Ben Locklear. Dr. Locklear adjusts patients using the Blair technique, which I believe I am holding my adjustment longer. I believe the Blair technique is even more effective than my original experience. He has this treatment plan which is helping me tremendously.

I have been recommending Dr. Ben to all of my co-workers, friends and family members.

Lisa Horn
Sayre, OK

My 11 year old son was having pain in his right foot. He had trouble walking and running. It really affected his ability to play baseball. We took him to our family doctor and to an orthopedic specialist in Oklahoma City. They put him in a cast for 6 weeks for a broken bone. Then after running a bone scan they found it wasn't broken to begin with. We had never used chiropractic care, but after reading On Your Side with Dr. Ben we decided to give it a try. Since the very first visit, he isn't complaining at all about pain. He is not only able to walk without pain, but is running and jumping. I was surprised how gentle Dr. Ben's adjustment was for my son. I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and decided that I would like to try this care as well, so I saw Dr. Ben that same week. We are so pleased with Upper Cervical Care that we are telling family and friends.

Tammy Young, mother of Andy Young
Mangum, OK

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