Limited Mobility

Around the first of March 2003, my left "ring" finger began swelling and had a slight tingly feeling. The pain became worse and spread to my left "pinky" finger, palm and then started up my left arm.

I had been scheduled for an MRItest by a Neurologist, who later cancelled my appointment for an unknown reason. By this time I was in so much pain, I was eating 800 mg of Motrin like it was candy, trying to find some relief. That next morning, I decided that I was either going to the Emergency Room or to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor that I had heard about located in Oklahoma City, OK. I have never been under Chiropractic care before. After the first visit, I had immediate relief. I then realized there was something different about this type of adjustment and Chiropractic Care.

I found out through a friend that there was an Upper Cervical Chiropractor located in Mangum, OK. I was tired of driving back and forth to Oklahoma City, so I made an appointment with Dr. Ben Locklear. Dr. Locklear adjusts patients using the Blair technique, which I believe I am holding my adjustment longer. I believe the Blair technique is even more effective than my original experience. He has this treatment plan which is helping me tremendously.

I have been recommending Dr. Ben to all of my co-workers, friends and family members.

Lisa Horn
Sayre, OK

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