Seventeen and a half years ago I was hit in the left tempo-lobe brain area, I then started having five different types of seizures. After many tests, hospital stays, and numerous kinds of medicines, doctors found out that I have left tempo-lobe damage, which was stemming into the right tempo-lobe area. The Neurologist told me that they could not do surgery on the tempo lobe area that had been damaged, due to the fact that I would lose all my memory, and would not even know who my children are.

For seventeen years I have been on just about every kind of medicine. It seemed everything was always setting off my seizures, from MSG seasoning in food to stress, which always made my seizures so much worse!! I was still having Grand Mal seizures to Petite Mal seizures, waking up in a gray fog with my tongue bitten, broken teeth, my arms and my legs so sore from traumatic jerking, that I could not walk for a couple of days. This caused my children to mature early from having the responsibility to call for help as young as three years. It was very common for one seizure to trigger another. When this happened an ambulance was called for fear of death.

In September 2002, I was put into ICU after having three seizures in a row, causing me to Code Blue. The doctors were so baffled and against a wall. I was having at least two Petite Mal seizures a day and one Grand Mal a week, this is not including the other three types of seizures that I was having daily, without notice.

My mother had read about a Chiropractic treatment called the Blair Chiropractic Method, and how it helps with Grand Mal seizures. Shortly after this, Mother was told about a new Chiropractor in Mangum, OK, Dr. Ben Locklear. I started seeing Dr. Locklear in July 2003 and my Grand Mal seizures have now stopped. It has been so wonderful to wake up in the mornings without having a seizure the night before, going to my children's events without worrying about going into a seizure. I have gained a normal life, back. I can go anywhere I choose without fear, mingle with other parents, and just enjoy the simple things of life. Now I pray to thank God for my life instead of praying constantly not to have a seizure. Thank you Dr. Ben!

Canute, OK

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