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TLC, The Locklear Clinic of Chiropractic in Mangum is dedicated to helping your body heal, one gentle correction at a time. Our clinic offers cutting-edge technology with a friendly, welcoming and hometown feeling. We provide services that help our patients and our community claim their gift of health and wellness. Chiropractor Dr. Ben Locklear uses his experience and knowledge to help patients reduce upper cervical pain, experience asthma relief, deal with ear infections and even achieve weight loss.

Our chiropractor focuses his care and treatment on the top two vertebrae of the spine - the upper cervical area. You have probably seen people who are experiencing chronic neck pain wearing "cervical collars" to help stabilize their neck and prevent further pain. Because of its easy access, it is less invasive for us to reposition the top vertebrae. This realignment is pain-free but can result in maximum relief.

A Wide Range of Relief Through Upper Cervical Care

Asthma Relief

In addition to reducing chronic neck pain, some patients are also surprised to learn that they can receive allergy and asthma relief with upper cervical care. If your upper cervical spinal joint is irritated, it could heighten your allergic symptoms. Here again, our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Locklear can perform a thorough examination and perform a gentle correction that will help alleviate these symptoms.

Ear Infections

Another common problem that may be relieved through realignment is ear infections. The underlying cause of this painful childhood experience is usually a mechanical problem. Our chiropractors gently work with children to restore normal drainage of the ears and minimize their discomfort. This can be a viable alternative to the usual practice of prescribing antibiotics or inserting tubes in the ear to relieve pressure.

Weight Loss and Chiropractic Care

Many people, who suffer from the negative health consequences of being overweight, can use chiropractic care to achieve weight loss. Because the spine can be damaged by being overweight, we use a holistic approach to help our patients make changes that will lead to weight loss and a healthier overall lifestyle. We provide information and advice on losing weight, undertaking regular chiropractic care, eating a healthy diet, taking vitamin supplements and utilizing stress management as part of our recommended approach to overall health and wellness.

Our clinic also recommends corrective exercises to help patients strengthen and address their unique weight and balance issues. Patients can perform these exercises in the comfort of their own homes to achieve spinal correction of as much as 30-40%.

Posture and Spinal Screenings

One of the best ways for us to unveil critical health information about a patient's body is through posture and spinal screenings. These help us analyze how the patient's body is working so we can provide recommendations that will help achieve maximum health and pain relief. We also offer these screenings at community events, area malls, health fairs and places of employment because we believe so strongly in their power. Contact us today to arrange a screening at your workplace or event.

The Locklear Clinic provides "TLC for Life" so you can achieve the best life possible. Call us at (580) 782-3141 to schedule an appointment.

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