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Holidays Meals Do Not Have to Become Feasts

Weight Management Tips from Mangnum Chiropractor

Holidays are notorious for oodles of cookies, candies, and rich foods that can pile on extra weight. While sampling small portions of the goodies can work in moderation, turning the entire season into an elongated feast is likely to lead to weight gain that can result in chronic back pain and other issues. The Locklear Clinic of Chiropractic's chiropractor, Dr. Ben Locklear, and his wife, Karen, know about the issues all too well as they struggled with weight loss in the past - but have since successfully shed a combined 120 pounds.

Maintain Your Weight - and Your Workouts - During the Holidays

Dr. Locklear would like to share several easy tips for patients to follow during the holidays. By following these tips you can avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain, and even start to lose weight. Mangum chiropractor provides weight loss tips for the holidays

Use the three-quarters rule when it comes to fruits and vegetables: At every buffet or meal, try to fill three-quarters of your plate with colorful fruits and veggies and the remainder with lean meats or seafood choices. Heavy creams and sauces, thick dips, and cheese toppings are a prime source of extra calories. Take smaller portions of the higher-calorie foods if you just cannot resist, but add them after your plate is already laden with colorful, healthy choices.

You can also play the exchange game. If you absolutely must have a slice of that holiday cheesecake, come up with something else you can do to offset the calories. Perhaps you will eat fewer calories during other meals or spend extra time at the gym. Keeping up your workouts during the holidays is another way to help ensure you continue to meet your weight loss goals throughout the year.

If want to give yourself a gift this holiday season by shedding a few pounds, we use the HCG Weight Loss System as an effective method for losing and maintaining weight. The 14-week program is divided into four phases that help you lose weight and change your eating habits. This makes HCG more than just a temporary diet but a plan for maintaining a healthy weight for life. It is never too late to give yourself to the gift of good health.

What strategies do you use to help maintain your weight during the holidays?


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